Core Competence

Academy envisions itself as a Centre of holistic learning and education in Environmental Sanitation with its core competence mainly relating to:

  • Project formulation and implementation;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Research and Development
  • Capacity building and Knowledge management;
  • Water resources management;
  • Waste management;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Health and Hygiene;
  • Action Sociology;
  • Rural Development; and
  • Gender Mainstreaming.


Academy has a very rich knowledge pool and professionalism of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have worked as Advisors to Government of India, Chief Engineers and Managing Directors of State Water and Sewerage Boards with around 40 – 50 years of experience in planning, project preparation, tender documentation, construction and supervision of water supply, sanitation, solid and liquid waste management, storm water drainage and water conservation sectors in plains as well as hilly areas and have proven abilities to effectively bring in action the above referred areas of competence.

The Academy performs these services through 8 Departments supported by multi-disciplinary professionals including sanitation experts, health professionals, social scientists, ecologists and scholars from related areas and eminent professionals including retired civil servants, public health/environmental engineers, architects, management specialists, scientists, technicians, investigators, surveyors, finance personnel, estimators, draftsmen, masons, computer and web administrators for e-communication, etc. The scenario of different departments of the Academy that siphons the thrust areas to the ground realities are detailed below:

Departments rendering Academy’s thrust areas

Department Thrust Areas of Activity
Department of Projects and Consultancy Services Project Formulation, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of projects relating to Environmental Sanitation and Consultancy services
Department of Research and Development including Laboratory Services Promoting   R&D for Academy and scientific applications
Department of Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Capacity building and training on issues relating to Environmental Sanitation at various levels of operation for international and national professionals and In-service training
Department of Water Resources Management including drinking water Programmes relating to water resources, conservation of drinking water and management
Department of Waste Management Solid and liquid waste disposal and management
Department of Social Engineering Social aspects of Environmental Sanitation, Action Sociology and Research Studies, Publications
Department of Environment, Health and Hygiene


Environmental aspects of sanitation, Total health care and hygiene, WASH campaign, Pollution free environments and related issues
Department of Rural Development Integrated approach to Rural Development including Rural Sanitation, Health and Hygiene
Department of Gender Mainstreaming Women Empowerment and social transformation