Aims and objectives

  • Formulation, monitoring and implementation of projects relating to Environmental Sanitation with focus on water, sanitation, health and hygiene;
  • Capacity building and training for both national and international professionals including civil servants, policy makers, officials of central, state and local governments, academic institutions including schools, private sector, NGOs, CBOc, Grass-root workers, etc;
  • Curriculum development, documentation and networking, etc;
  • Applied and fundamental research and action sociology in environmental sanitation;
  • Consultancy services on issues relating to social, environmental and technological development in the area of environmental sanitation.
  • Contributing to achieving localized millennium development goal for sanitation among developing countries through knowledge sharing and technology transfer of sanitation technologies and social reforms.

Academy is aimed at further promoting the objectives and functions rendered by SIITRAT and shoulders a much larger mandate of performing as an international centre of holistic learning and education on all issues relating to Environmental Sanitation. The objective is to treat sanitation as a major field of education and disseminate knowledge and skills to all walks of life at national, regional and global levels through capacity building and training, consultancy, research and development, action sociology and gender mainstreaming in both urban and rural areas.