The Academy activities mainly include:

  • Preparation of professionals from Government and Non-governmental Organizations of National, Regional and International repute on the issues of water, sanitation, health and hygiene;
  • Globalization of the Sulabh Sanitation Technologies to widen the sanitation coverage, particularly to SAARC and other developing countries;
  • Research and development of indigenous, affordable, eco-friendly and culturally acceptable sanitation technologies;
  • Rural sanitation and social mobilization;
  • Schools as Agents of Changefor sanitation and hygiene (WASH Campaign);
  • Rehabilitation of women and children of weaker sections through education and vocational training;
  • Alternative sources of livelihood for liberating scavengers through skill upgradation and up-scaling the capacities for sustainable development;

Awareness generation and creation of demand at community level for safe access to water and sanitation through community participation and participatory democracy.