Academy has carried out significant research on sustainable technologies like biogas plants, waste water treatment through duckweed, materials and designs of pan and trap of toilet, decentralized waste water disposal and treatment systems (low maintenance systems), solid waste management, bio-medical waste management, composting of bio-degradable waste through thermophillic aerobic composter and safe reuse of effluent from human wastes based biogas plant, decentralized wastewater treatment, sewerage, drainage, storm water drainage and rain water harvesting etc. and scientifically tested at Laboratory as required.

Besides Research and Development, the Academy is engaged in undertaking several construction projects and providing consultancy services in the field of water supply, sanitation including sewerage, solid waste management, storm water drainage and excreta based biogas plants. The Academy had been one of the consultants approved by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee for designing appropriate treatment plants for industrial waste water so as to save the river Yamuna from pollution and liquid wastes generated from various types of industries. The Academy has recently entered the field of rain water harvesting and projects for producing quality water and promoted in-field water management and sanitation activities in collaboration with International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, Switzerland.

The outcome of Academy’s research and designing capabilities are tested and validated on ground realities and propagated for the community use through capacity building and training.

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), Nairobi recognized Academy for the capacity development of the professionals from African countries of Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda, Cameroon and Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Cote d’ Ivorie, Mali, Ghana, Rwanda and Senegal, Zambia as a part of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), set for the sustainable development in water, sanitation, health and hygiene sectors. This Programme is a step towards strengthening and promoting South-South Cooperation for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas on appropriate technologies.

At national level, the Academy organized capacity building programmes to the local government functionaries and stakeholders from different States including Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. The Academy believes that ‘Education’ as well as ‘Capacity Building’ alone could contribute for the required acceleration in bridging the growing gap between those who have sanitation services and those who do not, particularly in the context of achieving the sanitation MDG.

The Academy has also taken up various initiatives for the Human Resource Development (HRD). These include regular visits and training courses organized for hospital nurses, doctors and technical officers of Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, officers & trainees from Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI) of Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd, a public-sector undertaking of the Government of India and many other departments of the Central, State and Local Governments and also NGOs from India and abroad.

At the request of UN-HABITAT, the Academy prepared and published the publications on ‘Social Marketing of Sanitation’ and ‘Sanitation and Energy’ to serve as the link between the UN-HABITAT and the Agencies engaged in promoting socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities around the world. The Academy has also undertaken several important studies on social issues of scavengers’ rehabilitation, their skill development etc.